If you don't want me to call 911, don't park in front of my house


... and make me stay on the phoen longer than I want.

Yesterday I called 911.

I was outside yesterday trying to fix an issue with the front door. While I was doing my thing I noticed, in order:

1. 2 guys walking down the sidewalk all slow and odd like. Not too unusual.

2. A car parked in front of my house, that was running, keys in the ignition, passenger window rolled down, and nobody in the car.

Now when I see a car with the keys in the ignition, I have to supress the idea of driving the damned thing into a pole. Or putting it in drive and rolling it into something. Please do not leave your keys in the ignition. Instead of causing property damage, I called 911.

I'm going to have to think before I call 911 on how to end a call, because I swear they keep you on the f*ing phone long enough that whatever you're calling about has passed and gone. I swear! After we got past the location, color of the car, location of the car again, license plate number, fact that no one is in the car, that the keys are in the car, that it was still running, confirming what I just mentioned, reconfirming the location, reconfirming the color of the car, mentioning that two patrol cars had passed, reconfirming other things already mentioned, and oh look the two guys are back and now they are getting into the car in an odd way (guy #1 gets in the passenger side, slides over and the guy #2 gets in and closes passenger door). Now I'm giving a stupid play by play and I just want to get off the phone.

When the dispatcher says they'll send a car, I answer the question of if I want to leave my name and number. Oh, hell no, I just want to hang up. 

I think one of the guys, after the cops came by (said something and left) said that the call must of come from my house. Yes, yes it did. Please don't leave your car running in front of my house again, because next time it is a toss up between driving off with it to wreck it or calling 911.


I would say your rationale for dropping a dime on your neighbors was somewhat dubious, unless this is part of some larger ongoing problem such as drug dealing on your block. Regardless, you might want to call 311 next time. 911 is for emergencies, and this was clearly not an emergency.

The double-checking is for accuracy, I would guess. I'm sure they get a lot of mis-reports in the system, and then folkls complain that no one ever shows up. Still, it always feels to me that the 911 operators have not been well-trained to deal with somewhat-urgent-but-not-immediately-life-threatening situations. When I've dealt with real "somebody is screaming in the alley" situations, I have been very pleased; when the situation is "something odd is going on and it'd be good to have an officer check it out" they are much harder to deal with.

Also, NotANewbie is incorrect: Always call 911 for fire, police, or ambulance, emergency or not. 311 is for all other city services. (It used to be that 311 could be used for non-emergency police, but it was changed a few years back.)

People who leave their cars in the ignition annoy the hell out of me. Have you no respect for your vehicle? There are plenty of people (like me) without cars who would gladly run off with yours, if not for all these laws messing with our fun.

It's important to punish neighbors for warming up their POS car in this cold weather by calling the cops on them. You know, because it's parked in front of your house!

It might be stupid for them to do that, but it's not the best response to call 911.

next time, take the keys out and toss them on the roof of a house across the street :)

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