ECA Meeting to take on pop-ups

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FYI tonight there is supposed to be a meeting of the Eckington Civic Association at 7:00PM at the Harry Thomas Sr. Community Service Center (1743 Lincoln Road NE).

Here's what's said in the announcement:

Over the course of the past few weeks there has been a lively discussion on our local list serve about Pop-ups and building additions in the context of there impact on the look and feel of our community. People have asked that we take a second look at Historic Designation as a possible remedy. Others have asked if changes to zoning rules might be an alternative method to address these issues.

This month and next Eckington Civic plans to invite speakers "in the know" to enlighten us on our possible options.

Our first speaker will be Michael Giulioni, he is a Development Review Specialist in the Office of Planning. Michael is responsible for reviewing development projects and the comprehensive review of the zoning regulations for the District of Columbia. Prior to joining OP in March 2008, he worked for South Bend, Indiana's Redevelopment Commission were he administered the Downtown TIF district and for the City of Toronto, Ontario Canada as a Zoning Examiner. Michael obtained a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from Ryerson Polytechnic University.

Mr. Giulioni will provide us with an zoning update and discuss some of the possible approaches that are being considered to reshape how the city deals with concerns like ours.

This is a great chance to bring your questions and gain insight into the future of zoning reform.

Following the theme of Development in Eckington our second speaker will be Katie Groen representing Sheridan Ventures LLC. Katie is part of a development team looking at 1831 2nd Street NE providing a response to DHCD's solicitation for offers to redevelop the property.

The meeting will start at 7pm sharp so please be on time.

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