Evidence of a young woman and the city

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This is still my personal blog, so here's some personal stuff.
As part of that making space for the Help and his... stuff, I've decided to try to make a stab at the end of the year paper (bills, correspondence, etc) and to make space for that I have to throw away the old paper. Some time ago I made a stab at a personal records management schedule. According to that schedule my 2000 bank records, old student loan papers, and household bills are to be destroyed in 2010. Oh look at the time.
Looking through the bank statements that list how much I spent at a CVS in Alexandria, the Giant in Arlington, the LinensNThings, and other fine establishments, along with how much I actually took home in pay in 2000.  So I pull a few months aside with the thoughts of scanning them to be able to look back at snap shot of my life then. I lived fairly frugally. It seems I went out to eat maybe once a week when professionally employed, but when stuck in College Park, still in grad student mode, my biggest expense was the Shopper's Food Warehouse. 2000 had a lot of transitions. I moved inside the District from Maryland. That year I got my first professional job, after about a year of job hunting. And that year I began saving to buy a house.

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