Wally World to Come to 801 New Jersey Avenue


I think the people at the Post might have sent me a link (which I ingored) but it apparently hit something on the Mt Vernon Sq and Shaw Neighborhood listservs.

A mini-Wal-Mart is to come to 801 New Jersey Avenue NW. Right now it is a surface parking lot. See for yourself a Google maps and streetview. Some folks gut reaction is to fight it, but I like Si's wait and see and neogiate.

It could provide some low skilled low wage jobs. As someone pointed out if you want to provide good low skill jobs, stop buying and throw out your stuff from China and other cheap production nations. But my beloved iPhone assembled in China isn't going anywhere and my jeans sewn up in Mexico are going to stay on my person until I switch them out for some PJs made on some island somewhere.

So back to DC. Since I'm unfamilar with what a strunken Wal-Mart looks like, it will be interesting to see the plans for such a thing. Will it be multi-story like the Columbia Heights Target? If anything it has to have underground parking, even though it isn't that far from Union Station (not that close either, but you can walk it) and the 96 west/north bus stops right there. Another question will be deliveries, how and where will the big Wal-Mart semis drop off. Then there is increased traffic and what to do when the federal government decides it needs to shut down parts of the center city (inaugurations, summits, etc) as it is fairly close to the Capitol.

801 NJ Ave NW isn't the only planned location. So is the intersection of New York Ave NE and Blendensburg Road. That area already has crazy traffic and is a road of death. A Wal-Mart will attract pedestrians playing Frogger. I guess that part of New York Avenue demands more human sacrifices.


As you suggest, the pro versus anti Walmart argument is beside the point and a bit misguided. The energies of neighborhood residents are better spent on getting involved in the details of what shape the new Walmart will take, especially with respect to its use of space and parking accommodations. Personally I think if it turns out something like the Columbia Heights Target that would be a huge boon to the neighborhood.

I agree ... let's actually see what they are planning for the area before going "anti-development" and "anti-WalMart" like many of the posts have been. The developers will be before the ANC 6C Planning Commission and Full Commission plenty of times so the public will have their chance to comment. /RobA - ANC 6C PZE Chair

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