Tuesday Miscellany

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I think there is a CCCA meeting at Beau Thai tonight. Get your curry early.

BACA will have a meeting Dec 6th, but less meeting more party at 3rd & Q in the Mt. Sinai basement.

RE- Census stuff. I took the raw data from the 1900-1930 censuses and just the numbers alone are interesting. 1900 has 5295 individuals; 1910 has 5810 people; 1920 has 8249 and 1930 which I haven't even double checked addresses for much less anything else has 4195. Either the population went down real fast or I'm missing something. As I said these are really raw numbers. I plan to go back and harvest the numbers for 1880, because really only a few thousand people. A cakewalk compared to 1920. And then, when the data gets cleaned, I'll make a pretty little map, the Help will color it in, showing the segregation in the TC area for those years. Sometime in 2011.

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