Should have called 911

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I was on the bus heading home after work. It was kinda dark around 6pm as the bus drove up 7th St and I THOUGHT I saw something. I wasn't sure, and maybe I should have made the call and deal with a dispatcher that more than likely would have dismissed my call. But I THOUGHT I saw two young men with their faces covered walking south on 7th towards the intersection of New York Avenue. It was dark, I wasn't paying that much attention to the scene out on the street, and the skin of the young men was dark enough for me to be mistaken. But apparently people are getting mugged in the Mt Vernon Sq area for their fancy phones.

It wasn't cold enough to warrant a face covering, but I wasn't sure what I saw.

So be careful. Don't chatter on the street with your iPhone if you can help it. And if you see two young men and you can't see their faces, get away, pronto.

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Many people think that they shouldn't call the police unless there is an actual crime occurring but MPD wants us to report suspicious activity. I think covered faces definitely qualifies. a neighbor recently got punched in the face in a hate crime event and the perpetrator had his face covered. you can call 911, text 50411, email your police info can be found at

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