Monday Miscellany

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Item 1- ANC race for 5C01 between  Bradley Ashton Thomas of P Street, and Kimberly Tignor of New Jersey Avenue. Thomas made the last BACA meeting to present, Ms. Tignor did not due to work obligations. Thomas passed out fliers on my street alone, discovering that there are a lot of houses on one street (yes there are, which is why flier drops can be infrequent for volunteer things, they are very labor intensive). Thomas' wife has volunteered her efforts for at least 2 years in a row to Flower Power, which I chaired this year. There is only one person I know of on NJ Ave who has been as involved in the community, if not more, but that's L. Hooks, not Ms. Tignor. Anita Bonds is not running for the seat, and thus will no longer be chair for ANC 5C.

Item 2- The methodone clinic is moving to SE. According to a press release (PDF) UPO will be relocating its Comprehensive Treatment Center currently at 33 N Street NE, which is very close to the southern tip of Truxton Circle to the old DC General Hospital building at 1900 Massachusetts Avenue, SE. Hopefully it will be better suited at a larger medical facility and that the folks who used to hang out in the neighborhood waiting for their appointments, can wait inside a hospital setting. 

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