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Update- 1910 data for the 1400 block of NJ Ave here(1910censusNJAve.pdf). There is only 1 house for 1920 so I picked 1910.

3 topics in 1 post - Tater Tots party; 1920 Census and Seeking advice regarding invites

Item #1- Had a pretty good party this weekend. About two years ago I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to have a party and I wanted tater tots. I normally don't have tater tots or a lot of prepackaged food in the house, but I just had a hankering for tater tots. So I knocked on my neighbors' doors and told them I was going to have a party later that day where I was just going to offer 2 things, tater tots and mojitos. Why mojitos? I make a pretty good mojito. I can make a decent mai tai, but since I like to use fresh squeezed juice, a mojito is easier. Anyway, I decided to have another tater tots and mojitos party. The under 5 year old set brought on the crazy and the noise, they had the non-alcoholic version of lime juice, crushed speariment leaves, thick sugar syrup, and soda water.

It started off with one guest and me wanting to apologize about the lameness of it, but pretty soon other neighbors showed up and it got better. We had about 23 people pass through, which is pretty good for a tiny little house. The ones who stayed till the end got to sample the cherry liquor I have sitting on top of the fridge. Recipe- Take fresh umbemished cherries and put them in a jar, pour sugar over the cherries, enough to cover them. Then throw in a vanilla bean pod, and cover with lots of good vodka, do not go cheap with the vodka. Ignore for 3 months.

Item #2- Okay I was wrong about laundresses. Apparently the southern part of the TC didn't have many laundresses living there in 1910 either, so in 1920 it didn't change much. I have to wait to see the northern half of the TC to see if the days of the laundress were at an end. Also I'm feeling generous this morning, so I'll take requests to post data regarding a block (ex. 1200 blk of NJ Ave) in Truxton Circle for 1910 or 1920 if I have it. I'll do 2 or 3 blocks.

Item#3- I need some advice. I'd like to invite more people in the neighborhood to my wedding. The church can hold way more people that I've invited, the reception however is very limited. Is it possible to politely invite folks to one, excluding the following reception?  


You cannot invite someone to the wedding but not the reception. Well, you can, but it's rude. Google "Can I invite someone to the wedding and not the recption." The answers are fairly uniform.

I would love to take advantage of your generosity! Could you post information on the 1400 block of NJ Ave?!? In return I will be happy to provide some technical engineering type advise if you ever find a need...

Tater Tots were fun!

Three words: TATER TOT PARTY. Good times.

There were many late nights in the basement, filled with designing lego robots and eating tater tot hot dishes. Yeah, I was a nerd and it felt good.

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