Congrats Kevin Chapple and Rachelle P. Nigro ANC races 2C & 5C


The results from the 2C races


Kevin Chapple 314

Leroy Thorpe, Jr. 233


Alexander M. (Alex) Padro 325

Write In 19


Doris Brooks 285

Rickey Williams, Jr. 250


Rachelle P. Nigro 202

Theresa Sule 92

Derrick Barrett 61

Cary Sheih 14

Write In 11

And for 5C, just the winners

5C01- Bradley Ashton Thomas 294

5C02- Sylvia Pinkney 248

5C03- W. Hugh Youngblood 415

5C04- John Salatti 582

5C05- Timothy (Tim) Clark 149 (just by a few votes)

5C06- Mary Lois Farmer-Allen 238

5C07- James J. Fournier 263

5C08- J. Jioni Palmer 257

5C09- Silas Grant Jr. 375

5C10- WRITE-IN 5 (What does no one live here? I expect Micky Mouse to be your new ANC)

5C11- Ronnie Edwards 174

5C12- Albrette (Gigi) Ransom 209

Okay now talk amongst yourselves....



I look forward to a fully functioning ANC2C now. Lets hope that LT is out forever, but somehow I fear that we have not seen the last of him.

Doris Brooks again? Ugh. 35 votes away from having an ANC without senility.

Definitely congrats to Chapple and Nigro though.

If I ever get redistricted out of Evan's ward, I hope Alexander Padro runs for city Council. That guy is everywhere.

@ Mike // The 911 tape should be very interesting. Via TBD:

"... Thorpe's probation officer might be interested in knowing whether Thorpe might have made another false statement to a 911 operator."

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