2010 In Shaw Halloween Recap

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We ran out of candy. It would have helped if I didn't dip into a few bags beforehand.

Anyway, the kids were a little late this year. Last time I could have sworn they started around 6:30 but it seemed closer to 7pm when we got our first trick or treaters this year. Like usual the first few waves of kids are small, cute and in costume, then as time goes onyou start getting more preteens and teens who don't bother dressing up with their plastic grocery bags in tow. One of those undressed teens, I know him, I know where he lives, so it isn't a matter of poverty, it's a matter of effort.

The Help (hubby2b) was there to assist and join in the community fun. While the sun was up he raked some leaves on the sidewalk and later helped give out candy. I had to inform him of my system because he was a little too generous to costumes (or lack thereof) that I don't think were worth three pieces. Cute and small and big and creative get three, two if you seem to already have enough candy and your bag is overflowing, one if you just showed up at my house asking for candy. I did give an extra piece to a non-costumed teen who wanted to show off his ninja moves dispite the complaints of his friends. He did a pretty cool backflip (off on the sidewalk not in my yard), so extra piece for that effort. Apparently he's done it several times before that night and his friends kept grumbling "you always do that!"

We started running low, as did our neighbor around 8:15pm. Our solution when we got down to 5 pieces? Turn off the porch light, close the yard gate, shut the drapes, lock the security gate and turn off all the front room lights.

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Over on 1st St, I ran out this year at ~8:30. Before I turned the light off, my tally stood at ~160 kids/surly teens that came by. It seems like there are more kids each year.

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