1707 New Jersey Avenue NW- Pop up


Not a good signThere is a new pop up coming on to New Jersey Avenue, and it looks like it was an afterthought, because general construction began earlier this year, as I remember the construction crew being around when I was passing out Flower Power stuff in the Spring. According to DCRA's Property Information Verification System most of the permits were issued around 2/2010 and a few in Spring, but the permit for the 3rd floor that's popping up was issued in September.

Hopefully this isn't an idiot developer thinking in terms of square footage, because if it is, then history dictates that it will sit on the market, unless sold to another idiot developer, like the 3rd St pop up, which as far as I can tell is still owned by the bank.


Am I the only one who thinks this pop-up doesn't seem to perfectly align with the house below? It looks like maybe it's sitting 6-12inches too far south -- a bit on the neighbor's roof. Or is the problem my prescription glasses are out of date

I saw this for the first time today. So sad. A big ugly goiter on a lovely row of homes.

I stood directly across NJ for a few seconds and that was my initial assessment too - that the addition seemed to be wider than the width of the house below.

I live across the street from this place. It drives me insane to have to look at this every morning. It was such a nice row of houses until they added this off centered box. Does anyone know who we should complain to?

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