The garden continues

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I know I haven't written much about the garden.

It pretty much went on without me and I was too busy with DIYing wedding invites to bother with the garden. Except, however, to take stuff out to eat it.

Arugula- I discovered this makes a pretty decent (probably not the best) subsitute for spinach in cooking. I made an arugula palak paneer, minus the paneer, and it was pretty good. And right now I'm eating a minestrone soup where arugula was used in place of spinach. Now my planting method for arugula was broadcasting, take handful of seed, throw against the house, wait. The only problem, and it was a big problem, were insects. There were these weird lady-bug like things and fat catapillar just eating them down to the stem or putting a lot of holes in them. So it was in some cases more work because there was more stem than leaf. There are little baby arugula plants coming up and if the past is any indicator, they will survive the winter.

Tomatoes- a complete bust.

Sage- It died in the back, it is one big bush in the front. I haven't really used it for anything.

Basil- I did make some pesto this year and froze it. The plants I have now are either gone to seed or I took so much off for pesto or preservation that they are looking pretty sad.

Thyme, rosemary & oregano- fine.

Potatoes- I had some stored potatoes that started sprouting so I threw them in some soil. I got penny sized potatoes and fingernails of dirt. I'm trying another experiement with milk crates where I plan to get at least three of them and then harvest the bottom crate. That's to avoid the dirty fingernails. We'll see how well that goes.

Beans- Earlier in the growing season they were not doing so hot. Then I heard a podcast that encouraged later plantings to avoid certain pests and problems that occur during different parts of the season. Now the new plantings are doing quite well. I think I will do beans again next year, but more beans.

Onions & beets- meh. I still have trouble with root veggies. Some are ok only because they got lost among the tomato vines.

Corn Mache- The small things are popping up. But way too small to harvest.

PS- After hitting publish I realized I made the aruglua sound too easy. It is easy, only because in previous years I prepared the soil. Typically the soil around here is clay filled. The first couple of years of my ownership, I put in a boatload of peat moss, sand, topsoil, compost, and lime. I also dug up roots and aerated the soil. With rich soil the lazy gardener method works.

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Your garden looks great, neighbor! I'm hoping mine can look as lush as yours in the coming years.

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