Support or Bullying? LT sigs in people's yards

Though I live in Ward 5, I do a lot of walking around in Ward 2. I work in Ward 2, I pick up the bus or metro into work in Ward 2, get food in Ward 2, and go to church in Ward 2. So the past few weeks I've been noticing something. Little red and white signs for Leroy Thorpe for his old ANC 2C02 seat, currently held by Kevin Chapple. Quick history, LT was ANC for 2C02 for like 18 years, lost to KC by 4 or so votes in 2006, then by about 16 votes in 2008 when he ran again. During his ouster he's caused all sorts of drama that I won't bother getting into, and so I see once again, he's trying to get his old seat back.
Like the last time he ran I'm seeing signs in yards I find surprising. There are LT signs in yards of his usual base, the guys hanging out on Q Street and people who've lived here since the 80s. Those most likely reflect genuine support. Others, a house being worked on and some fairly newish residents.... those do make me wonder, wonder if they were bullied or threatened to have an LT sign in the yard. Because LT is a bully and will sue an individual (MM) resident for $20 million, I'm going to allow for anonymous comments on this post. So I ask do you really want LT back as ANC or are you buying insurance?
If you want to learn about LT drama there is a whole website devoted to him going from his rape charge back in the 80s up to the lawsuit and false report charge.


I live in the area in question. He's actually been campaigning--going door to door, meeting people and trying to get elected like a normal candidate would. I think the new people just don't know who he is. I was surprised when I saw so many signs myself, but having him come to my house a few times I can absolutely say he's not intimidating people. He's just doing the ground work to be re-elected. I haven't seen hide nor hair of Kevin.

Of course he's totally stretching the truth in everything he says to people when he's meeting with them--saying he's been instrumental in reducing crime and drugs in the area, and leaving court papers in everyone's mail box suggesting that Kevin Chappel is corrupt from a bogus claim.

The ANC2C02 campaign is Fenty/Gray-esque. The incumbent is just handing the election to the other side out of cocky/naive/arrogant unwillingness to reach out to constituents -- and that is F---ed UP. Fenty stopped coming to civic association meetings a full year ago when he should have been using those opportunities to encourage his re-election.

Leroy's lipstick on a pig campaign is working. He's our Sarah Palin.

At least Obama helps me keep my faith in American Politics. In Costa Rica, most everyone is educated and most everyone votes; the country is not perfect, but the citizens feel like they have an active stake in how their country works. Even the poorest people don't take the victimized stance the whiners do here.

Commissioner Chapple has that enviable talent of being very calm and collected, even when faced with the most irate of constituents and colleagues. He is reasonable, capable, and willing to take on the toxic political situation we have in Shaw with grace. If we ever have a functioning commission I have every confidence he will be there for the community as he has stuck by us through years of turmoil. (btw any of us who have lived here know just because people claim they haven't seen him doesn't necessarily make it true, there are many who get personally offended by lack of patronage and personal attention.)

To those who are new or haven't paid attention, it has been UGLY. Leroy Thorpe is manipulative, unreasonable, dishonest and offensive. He has cussed me and others out. He has made people cry. He is destructive to the community. I am not exaggerating. The site is wacky but it is factual. Try a google search or a City Paper archive search and watch your mouth drop.

I have heard that Kevin's signs are mysteriously disappearing. Not cool - whoever is doing it. I have also noticed Leroy's signs posted on vacant property. Also not cool.

But it doesnt matter who has what sign where. What matters is that people get aware and vote in this election because the ANC does matter. There is a large chunk of our taxpayer money marinating and if Leroy Thorpe gets a hold of it again, you will see more iron treebox fences with his name engraved on them and mysteriously disappearing computers. The ANC has also been used in the past to funnel developer "community benefits" imho a gross practice that has long been abused.

I also want to comment on the other 2C contests. Rickey Williams is challenging longtime Commissioner Doris Brooks for the 2C03 seat. Doris is the current chair and she is utterly incompetent and incoherent. She yells at people (this is how I met her - she yelled at me.) She has also functioned as Leroy Thorpe's puppet, literally. He would direct her vote, tell her exactly what to say - it was extraordinary. Rickey Williams is an active member of the community, confident & capable, and ready to put in the work. Please vote for Rickey Williams.

Also in 2C04, Rachelle Nigro is running a stellar campaign for that seat. She is highly qualified and if her term is anything like her thorough campaign the community will be very well served. Her opponents include current Commissioner Theresa Sule, who disappointed and betrayed the many neighbors who worked hard to elect her by abruptly aligning herself with Doris Brooks. Her term has been lackluster, marred by poor communication and late reports. Derrick Barrett is also running, he testified as Leroy Thorpe's character witness at his recent criminal trial earlier this year (Leroy was convicted). The field is rounded out by a neighbor named cary Sheih, (a DIFFERENT cary than our longtime MVSNA president cary Silverman). Please vote for Rachelle Nigro.

Well afterall, it was Kevin that said that he is not an inspiring politician. That little flyer that depict Thorpe (with lipstick) as a joker is tasteless. Even that website has been updated with the flyer. However, no one accepts responsibility for it...was it Kevin? No !! Now, Kevin's supporters are questioning his laid back approach to be re-elected. I will say this: Kevin does not walk through his SMD so the people can get to know him, except during election time. That is not a good thing. Even Alex can been seen walking through the area he serves. I have not decided, but it is going to be interesting.

As I said, it will be ineteresting. We will see!!

I'm sorry, bigoted slurs are not interesting to me. That's unacceptable.

JJ if you will recall, Kevin had a website and very informative newsletter which Leroy filed a complaint about & DC Gov ordered them to be shuttered (because they had advertising.) This is the court case that Leroy now touts as his victory but the community lost a great source of information with that one. ANC 2C, under the leadership of Leroy Thorpe and Doris Brooks, has never been interested in keeping the community informed of anything. To me this is a huge problem. Imagine what could be accomplished with people in office who want basic things like...a website, a newsletter, actual distributed meeting notices? Civility?

Furthermore, just because Kevin hasn't knocked on your door, that doesn't mean he has not been out and about in the community. I have seen him many times at meetings and events. He hasn't been to ECCA, the organization Leroy illegitimately took over, because Leroy Thorpe arranged for the police to bar him from the premises just because he was there.

ANC 2C has been one of the most notoriously kooky & dysfunctional Commissions in the city because of Leroy Thorpe. Please don't take us back to that. You might find it entertaining but this is our neighborhood and our tax dollars. Your vote does matter.

A lot of people think the Joker card is pretty funny AND EFFECTIVE in grabbing attention, it's smart classic political satire in the great American democratic tradition, and it's instrumental in directing voters to the facts on the Thorpe web site that have raised the hit level at

Kevin needs to win to be effective and he needs to get up off the sofa to win. Though incumbency and not having nuclear level toxicity might still put him over the top.

Hasta la vista, Payaso!

Isn't it a bit hypocritical for "Jesse Jackson" to want somebody to accept responsibility for while hiding behind a pseudonym?

Given Thorpe's track record of frivolous lawsuits against people for merely speaking the truth I dare say that whoever the owner of that web site is has more legitimate reasons to hide their identity than somebody posting some random comment on a blog.

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