Some observations re: house sales in my neighborhood

Some neighbors on my street sold their house in about a week. It sold a bit over the asking price, so the rest of us remaining did a little math in our head, comparing their home to our own getting a sense of what the value. Our houses have roughly the same footprint, but with a little less lot footage here a little more interior space there, minus the stainless granite kitchen... yeah.
Not too long after that house closed and the new owner moved in, a bank owned place down the street, that couldn't have sat longer than 2 months, went off the market. For an investment property, with the asking price, it could bring in a pretty profit for someone who knows what they're doing. Unfortunately there are plenty of people out there with more money (or credit) than sense who will try to stuff a 3,000 sq ft suburban home into a 1,500 DC rowhouse.
Also off the market, and I'm curious as to what's going to happen, the ugly pop up  of 3rd St. It hasn't been occupied by owners or rent paying people for what seems to be a decade, going from one investor to another, then it got a ugly pop up somewhere in there as the sold price bumped around from the $80K range to the $600K range. There must have been some loan fraud in there somewhere. Anyway, it's off the market, again, for now, after a change in real estate companies and an increase in asking price. It is possible it is one of many foreclosures taken off the market while the bank fixes the paperwork.
There was another awful pop up on the 400 block of P. I know it got renovated after the people who threw on the pop up ran out of money and tried selling the screwed up shell for 1/2 million. It sold for $290K in 2009.


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