You'll either pay in time or in money or both

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It took 9 years and maybe it may take a few more years to get exactly what I want, or I may never get it. Who knows? The 'it' is the neighborhood I want. I moved to Shaw in 2000 at a basement apartment for $525 at the corner of 12th and Rhode Island NW. Then bought my house over in the Truxton part of Shaw in 2001, back when the houses were going for 5 figures or in the low $100k's. I started blogging around 2003 about the neighborhood as a place to live, as opposed to a place to bar hop around U Street. Seven years of blogging, that's a long time. If my blog were a kid, it would be in a charter school and obsessed with dinosaurs.

In this past year, we've gotten two new sit down restaurants with decent food within a 5 minute walk. Over the past oh, say 5 years the Big Bear, Timor, and the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market popped up and have become part of the fabric (that I bother to visit as I know I'm leaving out other places) of nearby Bloomingdale. It will be interesting if Rustik becomes part of that fabric that Realtors point to. Nine years ago when I moved here, we had nothing, unless crackheads and an array of choices of where you can grab some MD 20/20 are considered amenities. So besides the usual urban crime, sticky problem areas, other things that come with living east of the park or in DC in general, I think I got the neighborhood I wanted.

Now if I was just showing up right now, I would have to pay something in the high $300K to low-mid $400K range for my house in my neighborhood. I don't have that kind of money. Never did. I stopped being able to afford my house sometime around 2005. What I apparently had was good housing mojo and time.


Archives of this blog are hidden on the old site and over at blogger. Chatting with the spouse of someone who used to blog about DC issues, I was told he blogged because he was trying to understand the issue. Now he's got a better understanding, he's wrapped his head around it, it's mostly out of his system and the blog isn't needed.
This blog has gotten some things out of my system. But because the neighborhood isn't quite there yet, there's still stuff to blog about, not as much as the big real estate boom, but still.

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