Kevin Chapple sign free to good home

On my way back home on the bike I found two Kevin Chapple signs in the road. One was under a tire and the other was between two parked cars. The one not under the tire looked like it was ripped off whatever post it was on.
The one I recovered is safely in Ward 5, where it isn't doing a lick of good. It needs a home in Ward 2, preferably 2C.


I would think the candidate hisself would want to get the sign and put it back up as soon as possible, but he can't do either of those things from the sofa using the remote

Rickey Williams (2C03, facing off against behemoth Brooks) paid $3k+ out of pocket and, like Rachelle Nigro (2C04, poised to win Sule's seat), who has hired consultants to help with her campaign, RW has been out each of the past few weekends standing in front of buildings delivering handouts, putting up signs, and talking with residents his SMD. Both RW and RN were at our CCCA meeting last night and are now presumptive At-Large members of the CCCA board along with Alex Padro who is also a presumptive At-Large member (Chapple's name was put into nomination as well in his absence). This will presumambly provide greater community leadership connectivity no matter what the results are on Nov. 3.

Phil Mendelson was an ANC Commissioner for 20 years. Good-riddance lame-duck Mayor Fenty and a few other members of the Council were ANC Commissioners as well. (Fenty was at the superficial high-heel race last night, but he didn't think coming to civic meetings this past year -- during campaign season -- was important or taking community questions at his pressers was necessary; I voted -- for Rhee -- anyway; thankfully Gray has had the good sense to at least not clean house and keep Rhee's deputy.)

Bordestan has been doing campaign interviews of ANC2F and Dupont area ANC Candidates, GGW has done some ANC2C campaign analysis as well.

I note these things to clarify that I don't hear any of the other ANC candidates (or their apologists) saying that because ANC Commissioners are unpaid that these volunteer positions are an excuse for not working hard as a candidate or commissioner for the citizens one seeks to serve. This city overflows with volunteers who work very hard for those people and causes they care about.

It might seem counter intuitive in a competitive race against a despised challenger to criticize Chapple's logic, initiative and strategy -- especially when it provides fodder for his opponent, but it's honest (something his opponent is not).

Like many other residents, I have already voted; sadly, as in the Mayoral race, I held my nose and just voted for the lesser combination of evils -- in this case sloth+hubris v. wrath+vanity+envy+dishonesty+stupidity. Chapple has not taken the initiative to lift a finger to even send out a campaign email as yet; his opponent has been working doggedly disseminating information (on the street and via post) that no sane person should believe. Chapple has intentionally or not, single handedly made this a difficult election and a competitive race. Thorpe's service of 18 years and his actions since leaving office are despicable; although not nearly as bad, four years of service from Chapple have been disappointing at best.

Brooks literally doesn't know where she is during the ANC meetings. Sule can't seem to meet her administrative responsibilities, but is grudgingly present. Chapple is quiet. Padro is awesome.

That's about all I got from the ANC meetings I attended. I have to say, just going off my experiences in 6 or so meetings, I would not be sad to see Brooks and Sule go. Despite it being a volunteer position, neither seem up to the task. I would say the same about Chapple, but by all accounts his challenger is a tyrant.

Thanks for the info and links CCCA. Interesting history there.

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