Hodge podge post including the kitchen sink


First the kitchen sink and maybe a bathtub. The N Street location of the Brass Knob is closing. See CCCA's blog on it . The Brass Knob was good for some things but pricy, which was why I wound up getting a lot of stuff for my renovation from Community Forklift. The advantage of Brass Knob was it had/has old architectural details and things for older homes when you're trying to go for a certain era.

Second, since I'm getting married to a person with one of those gas powered 4 wheeled polluting things called cars, I've actually started paying more attention to parking. I'm going to miss not caring. Anyway the street sweeping will be suspended October 29th, so you can leave your car parked in the same spot until spring.

Third, the Washington Post channels Jay-Z. I've got the print edition and since it is in the Style section I guess its excusable, but C-1, lower right a sub heading, "99 Problems" describing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Lastly, research ain't cheap. I'm finishing up the gathering part of the 1880-1930 census project looking at individual residents who lived in the Truxton Circle part of Shaw. I hired my cousin to do most of the work. Also in the past I hired some strangers off of Craigslist to do some data gathering as well. So add them plus an Ancestry.com subscription, I've probably paid over $1,000 just to gather data. It's raw still and I'll have to check it and look for glaring errors. The other problem is trying to stuff all of it into one big MS Access file. Hopefully I can get this thing done before the 1940 US Census is released on April 2, 2012. Why would you care? Well you don't have to but enough of y'all are curious about what the neighborhood was like 'back then' particularly with me looking at individual houses and individual residents. The 1900 data told an interesting tale of women's work, black married women were laundresses and single white daughters living at home and working as clerks or tailors or a variety of occupations. Skimming the 1910 data the neighborhood is still racially diverse and I'm starting to see Russians, I'm guessing Russian Jews.


Mari - do you think there's a good way to keep this research from playing into the negativity about gentrification in places like Shaw?

Some people will use information showing there were Russian Jews, Irish Catholics, and others to say that those who mourn the loss of "chocolate city" should basically shut up.

And people might be suspicious of you as some kind of agent for gentrification, even, by working to highlight historical ties of non-African Americans to D.C. neighborhooods.

How can we counteract that kind of conflict-oriented thinking about our neighborhoods?

I am very sad to see brass knob go but was overjoyed to learn their inventory is going to community forklift & second chance.

Last chance to buy a pink toilet in the hood y'all!

Any indication what will be replacing the brass knob?

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