1629 NJ Av NW- For Sale and high

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UPDATE 11/5/10- Amazingly, a gate went up on this property sometime after I posted this. The power of the blog or something else. I'll go with something else.  Teens will have to find some other place to smoke.


Good sense tells me not to post this, and I may take it down later.... maybe.

I've been told by at least a few people, so you can't pin it on one or two or (ok less than 5 but more than 3) people that teenagers or young people have been smoking in the rear of 1629 NJ Ave, NW. And not just tobacco but weed as rumor has it. I don't know, and doubt that the police get called on this, because by the time the cops bother showing up the kids are gone.

The problem with 1629 New Jersey Avenue NW is that it is for sale, unsold, vacant, it's rear yard is open and the house has a nook perfect for hanging out and smoking weed. According to Redfin, you can buy this property for $580K, down from $624K. The sellers will remove the concrete and sod it if you want to buy it. I think what would really help, is a gate on the carport. Not only would it keep the kids out now, but maybe later when they want to mess with your car or your rear door.

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Yes, this is been a problem. My house backs up to it and apparently my neighbor saw two of the kids hanging out in my back yard earlier this week. So, we could probably use some more police surveillance during the day.

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