Too much Gray

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There is some vehicle trolling around my neighborhood with speakers or something extolling the virtues of Vincent Gray and asking for the citizenry to vote for him. It's late and I gather the speaker is tired because it sounds slurred. I'm not accusing anyone of being drunk, just tired, maybe in the process of having a stroke, who knows. Saturday the Help and I encountered a van with bullhorns on the roof also extolling Gray but the tone of the voice just made me burst out laughing. "Vote for Gray"
"Vote for Our Great Gray Overlord"
"Get brighter colors"
Okay the speaker didn't say those last 2 statements. The Help, noted that the method was very retro.
Today it seemed the Gray campaign hired the same idiots who passed out the environmental/ green door hangers, not being clear on the 'door' part. There were several glossy Gray doorhangers on the sidewalk. A few were still in the fences. This is why some people are not employable in our dear city. If you can't figure out that the round hole with a diagonal slit goes possibly on a door as opposed to a fence or the sidewalk, where most of them wound up on my street, then I don't know what kind of job you can hold. One of the neighbors cleaned the mess up.
Since I don't belong to the dominate party I'll be writing in Fenty on my ballot for mayor tomorrow.

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