Thorpe's case dismissed

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Jeez Louise, finally. Yesterday resident C. Walker reported on the Shawlistserv the following:

Last week, the lawsuit of Leroy Thorpe against Martin Moulton was dismissed. Leroy Thorpe is the former ANC2C02 commissioner, and current president of the East Central Civic Association. Martin Moulton is president of the Convention Center Community Association. 
The lawsuit was dismissed "with prejudice", meaning that none of the accusations in the case can be brought up in court again. Thorpe's lawsuit was a complete and utter failure. 
Leroy Thorpe sought in this lawsuit 20 million dollars from Martin. Because all of Thorpe's allegations were baseless, Thorpe got none of what he was asking the court for. Not one thin dime. The only thing he gained was another criminal conviction added to his record, this time for calling 911 and lying to the Metropolitan Police Department dispatcher when he falsely told the MPD 911 operator that he had a stay away order against Martin.  This was an utter waste of MPD resources, having officers respond to his home to document the false report.
I believe that this lawsuit was probably filed in the hope that Martin would just buckle under the expense of litigation and agree to pay Thorpe off and agree not criticize him any more, in exchange for Thorpe dropping the case. If this was Thorpe's aim, then he failed in that respect as well.
He did leave Martin with some sizeable legal bills. Unfortunately in our judicial system, it is easy for people to file malicious lawsuits that they know they cannot win, and leave the defendant with the costs of fending off the malicious lawsuit.
I hope people will join me in raising a glass to toast Martin's victory, and to the ignominious defeat of Thorpe's attempt to chill and stifle our American rights to freedom of speech and engage in civic activities to improve our community.
Finally, it looks like Thorpe is running for ANC2C02 commissioner again to try and get back the seat that he lost nearly four years ago. Please do not be taken in by the inevitable charm offensive.  Also, please print this out and show it to your neighbors who might not be aware of this aspect of Shaw history. 
Charles Walker 

Oh if you want to know more there is also However the site could stand to be updated.The lawsuit has proven that Mr. Thorpe has not changed and even worse proven him to be an enemy of free speech. I've contributed to Martin Moulton's legal fund and am glad that this thing is over. Just saddened it took so long. This should have been tossed out on first sight.

Thank you Martin for standing up for democracy and the right to criticize local leaders and not to give in when the neighborhood bully comes after you.

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