So when does it stop being a protest and starts becoming a homeless camp?


There are people still at 7th & R, in that tent, shelter, short yurt over against the wall. The signs are still up but at what point does it cease being a protest about a parcel of land and when does it become a homeless camp? It seems OneDC the ones who started it have abandoned it to individuals as of July 15th.

Now cue the softhearted well-meaning person who will ask what harm are they? I gather this will be the same person who asked what harm is the homeless guy who set up camp under a bridge along the MBT bike path.

Well human beings need a good sanitation system or bad medical things will happen. In the short run you can get away with poor toilets, unfridgerated food, and incomplete bathing. The squatters might have access to a shower and healthy meals, but the clutter and trash and any waste from times when a toilet is needed is bound to allow for vermin and disease causing things to fester.


Thanks OneDC. With most of NW being an affordable housing dessert, you make a stand in the one neighborhood with over 20 subsidized/public complexes. Now nestled between Lincoln Westmoreland I, Lincoln Westmoreland II, Foster House and Asbury Dwellings, we have a new thriving public health hazard.

That and I don't even really understand what the protest is about. They failed to coherently deliver their main talking point. Now no one is there and it's just a bunch of piles of garbage.