Pint sized hustlers


About say two weeks ago a few mubbling kids were going down my street trying to pawn off industrialized trans-fat (packaged cookies and candy) in milk crates to raise money, I think. There is something so wrong with that fund-raising model (unaccompanied minors, unhealthy food, poor presentation) that I got the feeling it wasn't on the up and up. I wasn't going to buy any of their stuff anyway and I didn't know the kids. Yes, if the screaming band of teenagers of my block came around selling I might buy fundraising candy/cookies as I know they know how to anunciate, I can hear them clear across the road. Yet the minors of my block only come around once a year for Halloween candy, to take, not to sell.

Anyway, I digress.

Then the next week, I get this beating on my door. Not knocking, beating like someone is being chased by zombies and needs help. At the time I was doing my hair and in pink and green hair curlers and not going to open my door to anyone. I looked through the door window and saw a small gang of middle schoolers and no zombies. They were around the same age as the kids who were peddling the previous week. I don't know if they were the same kids, possibly not as they spoke clearly and loudly. They said they were taking donations. I questioned them, and they said they were raising money for the nearby church and it was for the kids, which was why there wasn't an adult with them.  I tried to explain that I buy fruit from that church, as that's one of their fundraisers. Their story fell apart, and I realized they were lying. One kid left asking why was I so mean? I didn't explain that if I was too cheap to pay someone $40 plus tip for a wash and set, I sure wasn't going to just hand out money to whomever knocked on my door.


i was down on the southwest waterfront several weeks ago and an older guy was telling 3-4 kids to sell some candy/cookies in a crate. they had a flyer about some school thing. i didnt buy it for a second. so sketchy.

I was amused to see several children walk into Gifford's ice cream and candy store down on E St. last year (when it was still open) trying to sell candy out of a box. The guy behind the counter asked them to leave, but couldn't help laughing at the audacity of trying to sell candy in a candy store!