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Clean up signAt some point this will be cleaned up.

That's what the sign hints at. Over on the Mt Vernon Square blog I found this about Parcel 42's clean up from the CCCA meeting:

There was a discussion of the future of Parcel 42, the vacant city-owned lot at Rhode Island/R and 7th Street on which squatters have established a small tent city supposedly to protest the city's unwillingness to use the land for low-income housing.  Many years ago, a clinic was located at this site, but it was destroyed in the riots and has been vacant ever since.  Apparently, the city recently posted notices on the site providing those who are squatting on the land to remove their belongings by October 6.  Some community members felt this should have happened far sooner, as it establishes our neighborhood as the place for squatters to camp.  Several of those who are living at the site attended the meeting and stated their opinion that since there's no use planned for the property, it's best used for the homeless.  They stated that they keep the lot free of trash, they recycle, there are no rats, and their presence adds to safety.  There was some discussion as to temporary uses for the site, but the consensus of residents was that no decisions as to the future of the property are likely to be made until after the mayoral transition.

A new occupant has appeared today or yesterday. He has the blue and yellow tent. He doesn't look as entrenched as the black couple in the big tent.... I guess there is a tent under all that. I notice them as I wait for my bus across the street.

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