Elections and kids

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This weekend we attended a party for neighbors who are leaving the country, the biggest uniting factor for most of the attendees were they were parents of small energetic people, the under 6 set. We watched as the kids played, pretended, had mini-meltdowns, and ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. One attendee mentioned the election and pointed out that how if it weren't for the progress made in the city from the last 4 years, those kids wouldn't have been there. Were it not for the options with charters, their parents probably would have done what some neighbors have done, move, as soon as they started a family.

It doesn't change the demographics much, people who moved in with no kids, get replaced by people with no kids, when the initial couple or single start having kids.  But the replacements like replacements at a job have to get reoriented and invested. Unfortunately, it makes for a more transient neighborhood. Also it can take away from the age diversity in the neighborhood. But then again, I could live without the screaming teenagers.

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