Beau Thai- looks like seating will come


Okay, I walked out of the BZA hearing after all testimony was over because I had to get back to work, but it looked like Beau Thai is gonna get some seating. Since Martin Moulton and Mr. Shaw Rez was there too and actually stayed, maybe they can say what the final outcome was.

But from what I can tell there was overwhelming community support for Beau Thai getting seating. There was some concern from a neighbor on NJ Ave about parking, but that was addressed. Since Beau Thai has been advertizing by word of mouth and most of the current patrons come on foot, and its close proximity to Metro, parking should not be a problem.

So unless some horror of horrors happened after I left, or some other administrative hoop needs jumping through, it looks like chairs and tables for 25 will come. 


THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming and speaking in support of Beau Thai! Also thanks for your letter of support -- sorry we failed to get it on the record. But that doesn't matter, because....


What this means is that as soon as the BZA issues its written order (likely within a week or two), Beau Thai can operate as a sit down restaurant! YAY!!!

This is fantastic! I was unable to make it in person today but I wrote in a few weeks back! Apparently there is a process to discuss our local neighborhood zoning laws in general. I think it would be great for our local zoning to reflect the desire of the neighborhood. I don't hear a ton of support for new take-out but I believe there is a ton of support for sit-down. Our zoning should reflect this...

Awesome. I walked over there last week for my first bowl of red curry, and I can't wait to get back. I'm a curry snob, and that was delicious. Such a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Congrats Beau Thai!

Beau Thai visitors are eager to see its new sit down restaurant! Beau Thai seems to be well positioned to apply for a public space permit for outdoor seating as well. Steve Cochran from the Office of Planning testified that the especially wide corner sidewalk outside the restaurant is a suitable spot for outdoor dining. Beau Thai would need to apply for a separate permit with the D.C. Department of Transportation in order to get sidewalk seating. I wish all the very best to Beau Thai!

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