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Well some of you have asked how the wedding planning is going. It's going. Because, according to the glossy Washington Post Wedding Planner dohicky that IT so nicely loaned me, we started late and there is the whole list of to-dos. I'm seeing why eloping to Vegas appears as an attractive option. So far, for the DC wedding (there will be an insanely sane and simple ceremony in CA for his parents) looks like it maybe all in Shaw, because it's going to be in winter, I don't feel like trudging to Maryland afterwards, and well, it is the cheapest option so far.

I am thinking it would be nice to make the ceremony a way to introduce The Help to the community, as we are going to make Shaw our home. But the main goal is to keep the thing as cheap and simple as possible because once it is over, we've got to deal with some house repairs that are long overdue. I'm really more interested in refilling the house repair coffers than fulfilling some princess for a day fantasy that costs as much as a new roof. I don't want a photographer who costs more than it did to replace my stairs and walkway with slate. Seriously, slate stair and walkway, $1,600 that's materials and labor, starting price for some photographers, $3000.

Anyway, regardless what we do or don't do in DC, The Help will be moving from PG Co to DC and is looking forward to becoming part of the Shaw.  He'd known me as a friend when I bought the house and has seen how the neighborhood has changed over the years. Snarky suburban comments that he used to fling have given way to hope of getting to know neighbors better and cleaning up the streets.

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