Wedding planning and Shaw


I'd like to announce the engagement of Ms. InShaw (me) to the guy known as The Help. So postings may get a little light as I get distracted with trying to plan two low-cost weddings on two opposite sides of the country.

One of the challenges I'm dealing with is finding a location that has all the things I want that won't mess up the miniscule budget we have. One of those desires is to have a reception in Shaw, if not Shaw Mt. Vernon Square, if not MVSq, NW/NE DC and if not NW/NE DC, PG County... near a metro. I've asked friends and brainstormed with a friend who is also trying to plan an event for him and his partner. But with the budget the way it is, another friend's suggestion of the church basement, an ipod, and a box of doughnuts is looking pretty good.

When looking for places or thinking about places I get a lot of inspiration from the Off-Beat Bride site, which had me considering art galleries, small museums and theaters, but in the brainstorming session I discovered they were outta my price range. Since most of my family members are Baptists, it's more than likely going to be a dry reception so that opens up other places to me like schools, government owned buildings (think National Park Service and Maryland-National Park & Planning Commission opeated buildings), spaces run by non-profits and other organizations, churches with facilities better than my default location, and Shaw is chock full of churches. Shaw is also chock full of empty storefronts which is another idea, but the cost savings might be lost when renting or buying tables, chairs, plates, linens and insurance are factored in.

We're still trying to price out other things but worst comes to worst, church basement, ipod, and we'll splurge for cupcakes instead of the doughnuts.



Maybe you can have some friends help you with the cupcakes :)


Prince of Petworth recently ran a post on cheap/inexpensive wedding venues! You should look it up. And congrats to you and The Help!

How great. Congrats!

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