Some PQ observations

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I finally got around to asking the homeless guy who has been around the Archives/Navy Memorial what happened to Manhattan Deli, which closed last month with no announcement or nothin'. He said that one of the vendors around there said that the building owners bumped up the rent and so the Deli decided to pack up and move to Maryland. $6000 was the amount that did it. I don't know if that's $6000 a month or a week. Now where am I going to get slow surly service but cheap eats now?!

Another observation is there is a short cubby African American fellow engaging in some energetic air guitaring/ jogging between Penn Quarter and Gallery Place/Chinablock. He is not to be confused with jog in place guy who is tall and fit. Anyone else notice him? Has the PQ-GP/C corridor become known as the place where a Black brother can express himself freely with exercise and dance-like moves? One more jogging guy with headphones and funky moves and this becomes a trend.

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