Now imagine it with chairs

Intrior view Well after work, went to Beau Thai at 1700 New Jersey Avenue NW and had me some Pad Thai. I'm full. It was good. If you have an early menu the phone number is wrong. It seems the phone number is 205-377-5329. I asked about that 205 bit, but apparently it's 205 and not 202. 202-536-5636 Any way, pad thai. Beau Thai's Pad Thai and Beau Thai owner
The food came fast as she's got a couple of people in the kitchen, so she differs from her brother Taw (Thai X-ing) in that way. When asked about him, she mentions that he doesn't have delivery but she hopes to do delivery soon.


Do you know if her menu is online anywhere?

We had dinner there last night.

Although I cannot visit Beau Thai without getting the steamed dumplings (OMG SO GOOD!!!), I'm on a mission to try something new each time I go. It's not a tough mission at all, as I've loved everything I've ordered so far. Last night, we got steamed dumplings (of course), a duck roll, Red Curry Duck, and Pad Se Ew. All were very, very yummy.

Note -- the number has changed (again) as of today, this time for keeps (hopefully... :)).


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