Monday Ramblings

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I must say I love, love, love the Bloomingdale Farmer's Market. I ran into my ex-roommate who, though lives 2 blocks from me now, I lost contact with. Reunions, yay! Also Painted Hand had bunny rabbit. Add a sticky-bun and a apple danish, good times.

Since I'm in the general area, congrats to the Big Bear for being in a commerical for a cable company and NBC Universal (YouTube). Yes, BBC you are a beautiful indy coffee shop and would make a lovely filming location.

This weekend a family began moving off the block, and I was told it was the schools that did it. We'll miss this family as the mom threw some pretty great neighborhood parties. There was the one they held in the middle of the snowstorm, and one where the back gate was opened and the party got extended down the alley with small children running up and down. Add to this with another family with small and very socialable kids who are also planning on moving this year, our little section of the neighborhood is going to lose some of its character. The good kind of character and I hope whomever takes their place will add to the awesomeness of the block, or at least someone else fill the spot of "cruise director".

Lastly, let's talk sibling rivalry, that is Thai X-ing vs Beau Thai. I like Beau Thai's Pad Thai better than Thai Xing's Pad Thai. However, I like Thai X-ing's Panang a tad bit better than Beau Thai's, mainly because there are some odd veggies thown in (last time I had the Panang Tofu) the Thai X-ing version. Beau Thai's Panang is good, the sauce is good and thick and hangs on to the rice. As a left over for lunch I liked it even more.

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