First on First or just First on the 7th

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Saturday was the now annual (this is the second go round), neighborhood art thing. I ran into some TC neighbors selling handmade purses and bags. Neighbor IT had an installation of post cards in front of Big Bear. Lots of folks were excited to peak into Rustik, which is not open. When will it open? Soon, the owner says. I'm beginning to hate the word 'soon'. There I ran into his highness the Prince of Petworth, so look for a more in depth an better report than mine. On the political front Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. was working the event at the little pocket park. These things are fun, they aren't horribly crowded, you run into your neighbors and it is a good chance to see what's coming to the hood.

Iras installation

Ira's installation

Rebar ball

Rebar Ball

Rustik 1

Inside Rustik

Rustik 2 Seans art

Sean H's art

Woman in Hat and Harry Thomas Jr 

Woman in hat and Harry Thomas Jr

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his highness? we don't need people to be getting a big(ger) head here, do we?

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