Beau Thai- Definately Monday

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I saw some movement in Beau Thai on the way back home. I got excited. excited for nothing and yes, guy from the city, I'm blaming you. Guy from the City was excited that we in the neighborhood are all excited but he blames the hold up on some office closing 3 minutes early. So he says, "Definitely, Monday."
The owner, she did not look happy. She looked seriously unhappy. She's got a bunch of food she can't serve because well, it would have helped if Guy from the City had shown up Thursday and gotten her a Certificate of Occupancy or what ever his magic seal of approval. He knows we're all blaming him, but you know the process of what it takes to open a business in DC is cloudy from the standpoint of a citizen. We don't know what all the hoops and hurdles are that stop a business that we're starving for, from opening because one of the city offices closed shop early on a Friday.
So, we'll see, Monday.

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