Write in Jack Evans

Kwame, Kwame, Kwame. Your financial life is more of a mess than we first thought. But it is still normal, if you were like a normal citizen of the District who is underwater with his mortgage, leasing vehicles, buying crap you couldn't afford with money you ain't got, along with student loan debt, and credit card debit that is a crazy scary amount. But hey, you're not Marion Barry, because if you were him you could fail to pay your taxes. Hold up, somebody check to see if he's cool with the IRS.
However, Brown is still better than Orange, as poo is better than toxic waste. Face it the choices were crap and shyte before this, and I still think old Jack over in Georgetown is a far, far, far better choice than these two. Briefly V. Orange was my councilman over here in Ward 5 and he didn't seem to know we were a part of his ward and were ignored. Brown has been to a few civic association meetings so he has a better awareness of the neighborhood than Orange. But still, Brown not necessarily my first choice.
So is being $700K in debit a deal breaker? Well the bulk of that is his mortgage. Like many normal Americans he used his house as an ATM, as it is worth about $350-$420K and has a mortgage of about $500K. Okay maybe he put in a bitchin kitchen and maybe one day it will be worth $500K. But the boat, that was just stupid. From the Post article it appears the Browns were trying to keep up with the Jones. As far as I can tell the Jones either have money or are in debt to their eyeballs, I'm guessing the latter. I also suspect there are a lot of Joneses in DC who will be voting in the Democratic primaries and picking the candidate who most represents them.
 Orange does have a point about leadership and keeping one's personal finances in order, and a broken clock is right twice a day. If DC Councilmembers practice bad judgment, such as overvaluing an asset, ignoring the risk when income is loss (Brown's wife left the workforce in all this) and more responsibilities (2 kids) added. Then there is taking on liabilities for well meaning reasons (the stupid boat), that come with extra costs (maintenance) that are ignored at the time of purchase due to newbie ignorance. Still Brown is better than Orange. Orange proved that he was out of touch with reality with his failed, failed, failed mayoral campaign. It wasn't that he didn't win, it's just that he only got 2.9% of the vote and spent money trying to get elected as if he were a real front runner.


"poo is better than toxic waste" - good one! That had me cracking up.

Brown and Orange may be a crappy choice, but it is a very chic 70's retro color combination. Just look at some of the rugs that Jonathan Adler has for sale.

And I agree that Jack should have run - maybe I will write him in. He would be better than either of them, and we in Ward 2 would get a new councilmember too.

Yeah, I'm just disgusted by this whole thing. Orange really sucks, so I was planning to vote for Kwame Brown, but now I don't think I can stomach him. At this point I'm wondering if even more bad news is coming. I mean $700k? Seriously? And think you should be Chairman of the Council? At this point I don't believe Kwame Brown is even competent to sit on the Council at all. He should drop out of the race.

I'll likely end up writing in Jack Evans. Why couldn't Gray stay as Chair?? He's been good in that position.

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