Something not so good down in Penn Quarter at 7th and PA Ave NW

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I've been told I cannot leave outside the normal exit of the Bureau of Fight Club where I work. It would be nice if staff were alerted but the 1st rule of fight club is.....

7th Street is blocked, as are parts of Pennsylvania Ave NW. One of the interns said it looks blocked all the way from Consititution to Gallery Place (F/ H Sts?). 9th Street looks free but the intern said that is blocked at some point. So far the only thing I'm getting is rumors. Rumor says Archives/ Navy Memorial station is closed, but not sure about the validity of that. Anyone got anything?

UPDATE- The metro is running. Just surrounded by a lot of yellow tape. I dunno about where the busses are being rerouted to. I'm going to try escaping to the PQ farmer's market wish me luck!

Conclusion- At 5pm everything was back to normal.

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