Fears about front yard gardening

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You can learn a lot from the kinds of questions people ask. As some of you know I have an edible front yard. It has tomatoes (that are dying), herbs, a few edible flowers, arugula (lots and lots of arugula), Swiss chard, purslane and beets. One of the questions I get often is "Aren't you worried someone's going to steal your tomatoes/ herbs/ whatever?" No. The only theives I worry about are furry, bushy tailed and have a recipe for them in the Joy of Cooking, I'm talking about the g*d2#mned squirrels. The two legged theives only go for the identifiable stuff and most people only know parsley when it's garnishing their plate or in the supermarket labeled "PARSLEY".  Also their only value is as an edible and people can be really funny about that wondering if that's really a tomato or is it a large poisonous red berry that just looks like a tomato? So no, I don't have a problem with people stealing my edibles.

The other frequent question is about rats. Before and after the garden I've never had a problem with rats. Field mice, lots of problems, but not rats. The field mice are more interested in getting into my kitchen for warmth in the winter. The only thing interested in my lettuces are slugs and bugs. The tomatoes tend to be up high, and the only rodent bothering them are bushy tailed.

Right now my biggest problems in the garden appear to be blight, crowding and slugs.

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