Debit and city leaders

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Just to remark on this DCist post about city councilmembers and their debit. Not to excuse Councilman Thomas and his $16K of alleged unpaid student loan debit, but he's not the only one. I've experienced having to deal with schools and banks hounding roommates for not paying their student loans. But apparently in the case of Thomas, he says it is a misunderstanding. I guess I'm sympathetic in that looking at my own credit report it isn't clear that I paid off my numerous student loans as they all shifted around different parts of Sallie Mae/Citibank, consolidated, and listed as transferred or sold.
Now Kwame Brown knows he has a problem. Hopefully he knows the solution starts with a pair of scissors and living on a budget. $50K is a lot. Off the top of my head I think the highest I let my credit cards go is $7K. At $50K I'd be freaking out.
Anyway if you want to check your credit report for possible forgotten student loans check out the FTC's free (not like the fake free sites) Annual Credit Report Dot Com. If you Google Annual Credit Report, but do not go to the sponsored link for Annual Credit Report.Com, that's a fake.

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