BACA/ NE Shaw- I wanna have a small canning party

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Here's the thing. I want to have a small canning party. Thing #1 my kitchen is crowded with 2 people in it and three people it just isn't happening. Thing #2 I know some folks out there are curious about small scale canning, which is what I tend to do as I hardly ever use up a whole pint of anything to justify canning that much and I'd like to share what I know. Thing #3, I'd like to share my knowledge close to home.

Yeah, I could post what I know on-line but there is something about hands on learning.

So if anyone has a kitchen that would work well for show and tell and wants an intro to canning (I'm no Master, I just do my own canning and so far, so good) and has a few friends who want to learn as well,

UPDATE- A canning party has been organized. Thank you.

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I'm interested in coming to the canning party. Can I get an invite?

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