1910 census a small part


I would like to share some of the data I had my cousin compile, not all of it. But since I haven't gotten past the outline of what I want to write about the 1900 census it really wouldn't be smart to just have that out there. I recently got some data from the 1910 census and if I can figure out how to attach it to this post I will have part of Enumeration District 29 which is the southern tip of the TC, the part where Mt. Vernon Square and Shaw overlap. I'm okay with sharing the streets that overlap into the MVSQ HD area since it is MVSQ adn my focus is the TC as a whole and a part of Shaw. If that makes any sense.


It is an Excel file. I tried PDFs but they all came out being 12 and 10 MB for some odd reason. Also note that is only part of ED29. I took out North Capitol, 1st, and a lot of Hanover Streets as they are not in the MVSQ HD area. The names, ages, familial relations, immigration year, are all due to Ancestry.Com. The added information (ie what I'm paying my cousin to do) are the columns listing page, addresses, occupation and homeownership. What I am looking for is that demographic information to answer general questions I have about the neighborhood, such as 'Did people rent or own?', 'How did different ethinic groups cluster?', 'Was this a working class area or a mix and where was the mix?' and 'How many people can you stuff into a little townhouse?' That last question is the only time I care about buildings. Having a general idea about the size of a property helps when pondering 3 adults and 2 kids in a house that according to the DC Property database is about 1000 sq ft.

I do plan to use the DC Property Information Verification System, since there are photos and maps, and I can try to use the data from there to play with the data I already have. However, I'm no IT whizz, so if anyone can do something more exciting than I with the tables I have I'd be happy to share the rest of the data, once I've written a paper on this. Heaven's knows when that will be.


This is fantastic! I just moved to Hanover a couple weeks ago, and the house I'm renting is on your spreadsheet - imagine squeezing seven people into our little rowhouse!

I believe the house was only built 2 years before the 1910 Census, so this could well be the original inhabitant family. They were renters, too - which makes sense; as I understand it, Hanover Place was built as servants' quarters for the big houses on NY Ave.

I really can't wait to see more!

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