Restaurants along R St.


I spy with my little eye, shiny new stock pots at the corner of New Jersey and R, where a Thai restaurant is supposed to open sometime this year. Well they looked like stock pots and the usual barriers that were up for most of the construction was down.

I spied earlier that Toque a few blocks over at 6th and R had interesting things on the table, but it is in waiting. And while it is waiting it has a softball sized hole in the window.


I've been so excited for Toque, but the broken window has been there for 3-4 wks. Any inside intel on the story there? And the hold-up of their opening?

Very excited for the thai place to open up. I spoke to the owner a few weeks ago and she said they should be open up soon as long as the inspections go as planned. she said it was going to start as take out but once the permits come through there will be seating inside and outside!

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