Dead body on RI Ave median

I don't know if anyone from the city still reads my blog, but there is a dead cat on the median of the 600 block of Rhode Island Avenue and today is day 2 of its residence.
Yesterday I called the city 311 number to report the beige beastie, as I noticed it before I went to work and saw it unmoved as I was heading home. As of this morning it is still there. Now once again it was one of those slightly frustrating calls, because kitty had the audacity to die on a median, which the operator seemed very unfamiliar with. I found myself defining what was a median. A median, is sometimes a green patch in the middle of a 4+ lane road. It does not have an address. Because the city sometimes bothers mowing said grass, I take it the city owns the land. No it is not in front of a house. The best address I can give is the closest property that bothered to have address numbers that I can make out.
No it is not on the road it is on the median.
Once again the median does not have an address. It is in the middle of Rhode Island Avenue, which I'm not going to define as a 'freeway' as you have as I really don't want to get into defining different kinds of roadways.


I've noticed and heard that the DDOT twitter feed is actually really responsive to individual notes like this. They're apparently especially good at quickly responding to the walk/don't walk signs that have been spun around.

ah, DC, glad to see your workers are the best and brightest...

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