And Mt. Vernon Triangle is where?

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I don't know who edits these things, but I'm looking at the graphic for the article about the new influx of registered voters in the District. Precinct 143 looks an awfully like Penn Quarter/ Gallery Place/ Chinablock, not Mt. Vernon Square nor Mt. Vernon Triangle. It's labeled as Mt. Vernon Square, which isn't right as the Square is the actual square between 9th & 7th and Mass and NY Aves and points north til N & O Streets.  Mt. Vernon Triangle... It's a new neighborhood name, I have no clue where it's borders are, southeast of the square. South is Chinatown. You will know Chinatown is Chinatown, not because of it's Asian populace masquerading as young black fashionistas, but due to the fun Chinese characters on signs as mandated by the city.

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mt. vernon triangle's borders are new york, new jersey, and mass (with the square at the western end.

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