Visualization & a swimming pool

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I got several ideas going let's see how well I plop them into one post.

Last night was the BACA meeting, which my neighbor Brett, who is in charge of something relating to the North Capital corridor, totally forgot about. Slipped his mind. I wound up shouting highlights of the meeting at him up to his 2nd floor window. Something I didn't mention to him was the swimming pool at Dunbar High School has shallow water aerobics. See more info over at the BACA blog. Supposedly there is info on the DC Parks and Rec site but you'd have to scroll down to page 7. Personally, I don't spend time in pools, mainly because it takes about 2 hours for my hair to dry under the dryer at home, 1.5 hours in the salon. The curse of thick hair.

During the meeting while we were told about the unfortunate conditions of the locker and bathroom areas for pool users at Dunbar (this was well after we were told about the rebuilding of Dunbar), Jim, serving his final year as BACA prez, brought up a vision and recreation playing a part of that vision for the neighborhood. If I remembered that right.

Attractive parks and recreation for residents of the community would make the neighborhood a nicer place to live. Try to visualize an even cooler Truxton, what does that look like?

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