Toque Cafe wants outdoor seating

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I'd like them them to open first.
Toque Cafe which is tittering on the verge of opening. Any time now. You got the tables. You got the dishes and a cool red door.
Progress on 6th St

Anyway there is an online petition to support Toque's petition over at the CCCA blog.

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I can understand why they want to settle the outdoor questions before opening. Serving alcohol outdoors is probably part of their liquor license application so I assume they're trying to address it all at once rather than dragging the process out. Addressing the full plan at once is the how it's usually done. If for some unlikely reason they fail to get a liquor license, they may have to reconsider opening the restaurant, since alcohol is an important revenue stream.

In addition to the liquor license, they'll also need a public space permit from DDOT if they wish to set up tables on the R Street side since their property line actually comes up to the fa├žade of the building, not the edge of the sidewalk.

I'm excited to see this place open. What type of cuisine do they plan?

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