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If you're tired of the gardening posts, sorry but this is a personal blog and I have eating and gardening on the brain.
Anyway, after not really doing anything* with the garden and letting it be wild, reseeding itself, I figure it is time to do more and work on those annuals that didn't reseed. Like beans. Well, that's what the Grow Guide tells me. The Grow Guide is an excellent resource. I figured the 1st and last frost dates are 4-18 and 10-28 and it gives me a list of things to sow or transplant. According to the guide this week I should be planting bush beans, cucumbers and swiss chard. It is my last chance to transplant tomatoes. I really didn't do a lot of seedlings this year and I'll either buy some plants or grab the errant mystery tomatoes and transplant them to other pots and let nature surprise me.
Also, anybody want a pot of oregano? Well anybody within two and a half blocks of 4th and Q NW? I've had this lovely pot for a few years and really, I don't use that much oregano. I have the stuff growing in other pots.

* I threw some potatoes that were too far gone for cooking into a planter and I did do some weeding.
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