Monday Miscellany

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Item #1- If anyone cares the stolen semi tractor that was blocking my alley is now gone. It seems someone stole a truck. A big truck. Thank goodness they didn't drag a trailer with it.

Item#2- Looks like the Metropolitan Branch Trail, the part I'm interested in, will be opening up today. That part would be the section between the New York Avenue metro and the Rhode Island metro, almost to the Brookline-CUA metro. (HT- Eckington-way better than Spotsylvania)

Item #3- My cellar smells moldy. That's because it is raining today. What I rigged to get the water to flow away from the house has failed. Also the roof covering the contractors who rehabbed the neighboring house (they kept standing on my roof) put on my house seems to have the rain overshoot the gutter, which then causes other problems. Problems that somehow makes the cellar humid and a playground for mold. Lesson, if some guys are working on the house next to yours and they need to get on your roof and they are hired by flippers, say no. Threaten to pelt them with rocks and call the cops. As I remember I had all sorts of problems with them. They knocked off a vent cover, caused a leak in my roof and even though they are long gone, I now get to look at the on-going damage they've caused eveytime there is a big rain.

Item #4- Had an excellent weekend as the party family held a May Day party, complete with a whole bunch of kids. I didn't have a toddler on my hip so I felt I was missing something. And down the alley the Serbian family were having a May Day gathering so the back gates were opened and a herd of small people (with adult chaperones) trampled down the alley, from one party to the other. I should thank "Alley Cleaning Man" for his general work of sweeping all the trash and glass to the sides because some of the small people I noticed didn't have shoes on.


Then I left the original party, joined the Serbians and then later decided to retreat to my own yard opening up my gate. The idea was floated that we should have an alley party. We should. I'd need to look into what that requires city-wise. Hate to have the cops bust up a kiddie party.

Item #5- Truxton is a cool name. You know the name of your hood is cool when places outside of its borders choose it for their condos. Maybe there were enough places called Ellington. But over in Mt. Vernon Sq. is Truxton Row.

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I was SO wondering what in the world that truck was there for. I had no idea it was stolen. How nuts.