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100_0359.JPGThere are strawberries in my backyard, from plants that I potted a couple of years ago. I probably should repot them. In the other pots are cilantro, corn mache that's gone to seed, arugula that's going to seed, tarragon, sage, oregano, chives, thyme, rosemary, and purslane seedlings. These are the things that came back or reseeded themselves.

In the front is some flat leaf parsley that reseeded itself. I used that last night to make some excellent shrimp scampi. I had some curly parsley from the Mexican Fruit stand that was so-so looking, and when I went outside to escape the onion fumes from another recipie, I looked over and saw happy looking parsley. Grabbed a few leaves, chopped those bad boys up and added them to the garlic sauce.

I've noticed this year I'm doing a little less with the garden. I didn't plant peas. I like peas, but I just didn't plant them this year. I have some tomato seedlings going, as well as cucumber, onions, chives, and basil. I broke down and bought one tomato plant.

I like food and I like cooking. I love having herbs growing feet from the door so I can run out and grab something. I'll be happy when the arugula stops bolting so I can finally have some home grown salad. It's set to reseed itself. It also seems the San Marzano tomatoes are reseeding. I hope those are San Marzanos.

For years I did a lot with my garden, right now most of it is on auto-pilot.

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