Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement

As far as I can tell this church no longer exists. Well in Washington DC. Not anymore.
The reason why I'm typing this up is because someone. I can't say who. Annoyingly has a lot of personal chaff included in federal records. Some of that chaff, provides glimpses of a life partially lived at Rhode Island and North Capitol streets. The person in question was white, college educated, married and is currently very dead. He was the head, for a number of years of a Federal agency. He resided in various parts of Alexandria during the 40s and 50s. And he went to church in Edgewood? Eckington?
His church home was the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement. I can tell because of other chaff and detritus left behind, such as church programs, pledge statement, and Lutheran publications.
What does this stuff, which personally we should really throw out our own light and gas bills at least 5 years after they've been paid, tell me about a ELCotA parishioner? Apparently you didn't have to live near the church. You could just drive in from Alexandria, worship in DC and I guess go to the office. Because seriously, how does this stuff wind up in your working files?
Anyway, commuting church goers aren't new and we still deal with them to this day. I just hope none are not the head of a government agency and have a habit of stuffing church crap in their office files.
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Wow... very interesting post but cryptic. I want to know more :)

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