Butt Ugly House for sale $350K

1522 3rd St NW, which has sat for a good while and has an ugly pop up on it. Finally has been listed for sale, as is, for $349,900. It is bank owned.


Just thought your readers might like to know about People of Public Transit in DC.



....Note from Webmistress- I normally just delete unrelated comments hawking their own sites but I found yours funny. It gets a pass.- M

Hey, this isn't nice!!!

Someone spent money trying to make it nicer. At least it's been worked on, which is more than you can say for lots of other houses/owners in the area.

And you aren't really helping it get sold by posting things like this. The new owner probably wont be pleased to see this either.

it's no uglier than half the other plain-jane houses in DC.

Hi Mari, Just needed to thank you allot for this interesting ugly house article. I've already bookmarked your site, and when I get more free time I am going to have to do some further browsing here. Well back to day dreaming of Austria - or back to the work books - I wonder which one is going to win out.