Big Bear and Liquor License Concerns

I'm going to start by quoting Stu Davenport, ANC & owner of Big Bear:
Commissioners who are supporting the changes at the Big Bear also voted to
table the vote at last night's ANC meeting and I agree with them. It is
true there is a lot of support for the BBC - but there are some members of
1st Street and R street NW who need time to consider exactly what we are
getting into, and we need to hear their concerns and work with them.

The two residents that did raise concerns last night are friends of mine and
we have lived together on 1st street (and R) for years. We are trying to
set up a small meeting with immediate residents soon to go over the Big Bear
plans and hear concerns.

The slower we move the more people who are most effected by our later hours
and alcohol sales will be able to participate, and this is good for all of
us in the long run.

I do have to say that I believe strongly that the residents of this
neighborhood have a right to shape their neighborhood to what they want it
to be. Those outside the neighborhood need to stay in the back seat.

At the same time those who live next to the BBC need to be heard...
Some of the people raising concerns now worked together to get the BBC off
the ground, and they need to continue to have a say.

I will keep you up to date.

Okay now for my own words on this. Being involved in BACA I have scanned BBC's application and I do have some concerns, mainly about noise. Notably the 1am close on weekends and midnight S-Th. Currently BBC closes around 7 or 6pm. The application has fairly late hours for the patio area.and entertainment, which can be from a ska band to a performance art piece involving pudding. People coming and going to these events are going to make noise. Regardless of their level of sobriety.
Second, all establishments serving alcohol should have voluntary agreements with the surrounding neighborhood regardless of how wonderful and nice the owner is. Stuff happens. Businesses can be sold to new owners, and management can change too. And we also have to keep in mind the next business that may want to open a restaurant/bar in the area. Fair is not defined by house nice and wonderful we think the owners are. I want the Boundary Stone to open and for BBC to serve wine and for other small businesses to open along North Capitol & Rhode Island. But we also have to keep in mind the quality of life for the people whose bedroom windows & backyards share an alley or a street with these businesses.